Thomas County Calendar Call - August 8, 2019
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Brooks County Courthouse

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Colquitt County Courthouse

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Echols County Courthouse
Echols County Courthouse

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Lowndes County Courthouse

Lowndes County Judicial Complex
327 North Ashley Street
Valdosta, Ga 31601

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Thomas County Courthouse
Thomas County Courthouse

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Thomas County
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 Southern Judicial Circuit Policy
for Filing Adoptions

Lowndes Civil Hearing Calendars

Judge Hardy - July 23, 2019

Judge McDaniel - July 23, 2019
Bench Trial

Judge Cowart - July 24, 2019

Judge Altman - July 24, 2019
Bench Trial

Guilty Pleas

Acknowledgement of Defendant's Rights with Attorney
Acknowledgement of Defendant's Rights without Attorney


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Georgia Fatherhood Program

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Information Sheet for U.S.C.R. 22

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Instructions for Electronic and Photographic News Coverage
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Southern Judicial Circuit

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Colquitt County Treatment Court Program
Lowndes County Accountability Court
Program for Parents regarding the effects of
Divorce on Minor Children
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